The True Reality

by LuvCraf

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releases January 1, 2018




LuvCraf Lawrence, Kansas

Love undulates violently >
Consciousness rises above fear

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Track Name: True Reality (Hallucinogram)
You were cordially invited to a concert held in heaven
An angel sang to you upon your bed of downy feathers
And Jesus Christ himself knelt low and whispered in your earhole
"The true reality is to gaze upon her beauty"

Whenever you came down
You noticed all the many faces
Each one so different
Configured to such lonely creatures
And at the market was a woman picking avocados
The true reality is to gaze upon her beauty

Sometimes it seems
I'm trapped in a metaphor/wrapped in a mystery
Lost in a dream
The true reality
Is to gaze upon her beauty
When my resolve would weaken,
I like to think about forever
It's nice to make the effort
Even if there's nothing (and no one) there

You are just a mushroom monkey
Imbued with special mental powers
To fling your excrement at
Celestial bodies that pass the horizon
And when the night sets in you eat each other's bean and carrots
The true reality is to gaze upon earth's beauty

Out in the harbor is a ship sailing for Madagascar
You will be free to toss about amidst the stormy weather
And if you pass away the sea will take you in for comfort
The true reality is to gaze upon her beauty

You can see true purpose in the sky
I'm so lost in la la land
I can taste your candy mind
The colors beyond purple are enticing
Me to fly
Track Name: Foreign Memories
(Unheard Vocals)

Foreign memories
Forgotten pieces of me
More than anything
Makes no sense to me

Come follow me into the dark
A happy ending and a new start

Those cold eyes
Staring in the lonely night
A song much too soft to be sung
Am I finally where I thought I'd like to be?
Is this all I'll ever become?
Track Name: Angels in Disguise
Ecstatic fingers in the trees
Blowing kisses through the breeze
The Leaves so easy breathing peacefully
You've never been so happy, and you're not afraid to fly

In a meadow far away
I crossed my heart and hoped to stay
Amazing spaces where to gaze I see
Something that seems like demons, maybe angels in disguise

It's never too late
To give yourself a new perspective
Never too late
Experience the unexpected

In a castle in the clouds
Past the veil, I was allowed
I gaze into this mantid aethyrling's eyes
I see so much compassion, a devotion old as time

It's never too late
To give yourself a new perspective
Never too late
To circumnavigate the spectrum
Never too late

You can choose to live in fear, or you can shake your ass til ya die
You can let it get you down, or you can get down on it

All the lonely little fools
They tarry to work, worry to school
If only they knew
Their petty wants are wasted, and their future is on fire

Those demons might be angels in disguise